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How to get verified on Instagram

A verified badge next to your Instagram profile means that your account is authentic. Get your profile verified and get exclusive access to new features.

The coveted verified tick next to a popular brand’s name is exclusive and every influencer dreams of getting verified on Instagram however it is not as easy as it seems. Particularly when it looks like it’s reserved for only celebrities or famous influencers on Instagram.

Most social media apps including Instagram have a system of verification, but it is important to understand that these ticks don’t signify status. Although you do commonly see it alongside big celebrity names, it is only an effort by the social network to ensure that person is not a poser but completely authentic.

Ashlee Piper is a renowned thought-leader on sustainability. Her Instagram account has the coveted blue verified badge.

Since most celebrities or influencers have fan accounts, the verification makes it easy for users to find who they are looking for without confusing themselves with fake profiles.

Why is it important to get verified?

Getting verified by Instagram means that you are authentic, and that Instagram has confirmed it. And this is important as it immediately offers trust and authenticity to your brand.

The fact that this badge is difficult to get from Instagram, makes it even more valuable and respected. And it has a solid reputation, so you can’t get verified by chance, there is a whole process involved in getting it done and the staff at Instagram handle each case personally. So, if they say you are legit, and award you verification then it is a big deal for your brand image.

Who can get verified?

According to Instagram, you can request a verified badge if you are a public figure, celebrity or a brand and you should be able to meet account and eligibility requirements.

Contrary to popular belief, verified ticks are not restricted to famous brands and popular celebrities with millions of followings. Your sustainable brand can also request for a verified badge, all you need to do is the following

  1. Log into the account you want to get verified
  2. Go on the main page and click on the three horizontal bars
  3. Select settings followed by account verification
  4. Enter your details and give proof of ID

The rest is up to Instagram as they will then decide if you qualify but there are some things you can do before you apply to ensure a successful outcome.

What are the requirements?

  • You or your brand must be authentic
  • It should be unique
  • It should have a bio and a profile photo (learn more about how to perfect your instagram bio)
  • Your brand should be famous

What can you do to get the badge?

Thankfully, now the verified badge is not reserved for only the top Instagram influencers or the top brands, but anyone can apply for it.

Although there is a criterion that Instagram has set, which says that you must be “a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity”. But we have some tips and tricks that can help you fit the criteria.

1. Increase followers and engagements

The more people follow you and mention you in their posts or stories the more discoverable you become. So, focus on having an organic engagement with your followers, as a sustainable brand you can build your online reputation by finding creative ways to showcase your product and its uses.

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags increase the reach of your posts to a bigger audience, so make sure you use popular but relevant hashtags. You can learn how to get the best hashtags for Instagram.

3. Choose a good time to post

Pick a time that gets you maximum engagement, you want your post to reach more people so post at a time when most of them are online on Instagram.

4. Improve the quality of your posts

For any business to become noticeable it is important to post quality content that is both entertaining and informative. Instead of thinking about the number of posts, focus on their quality so that they stand out for the users.

5. Promote your Instagram account

It’s a good idea to not limit yourself to Instagram only, having a website, or presence on other social media accounts would help you cross promote yourself on all these different platforms.

6. Be responsive

Try to be as responsive as you can in the comments section, talk to your customers, answer their queries or just engage with them by asking questions or arranging giveaways.

7. Update your page

You can frequently update your brand’s page and include things like story telling or contests in your stories to increase followers reach. Think of new ways to engage with your followers like having high quality images or videos on your feed or story.

Now get verified!

Once your engagement level and reach go up and you remain active on your page you can apply for a verification despite the number of followers. 

Getting a verification badge will build an authority for your brand, and your followers will trust your products and recommendations.


Sanober Jakhrani

Sanober Jakhrani

Sanober is our Content Marketing Specialist at She cares deeply about sustainability and environmental issues and wants to connect as many marketers with Pinfluencer to do our bit to accelerate the global shift in consumer behaviour.


Sanober Jakhrani

Sanober Jakhrani

Sanober is our Content Marketing Specialist at She cares deeply about sustainability and environmental issues and wants to connect as many marketers with Pinfluencer to do our bit to accelerate the global shift in consumer behaviour.

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