Ways to make Influencer Marketing Sustainable

Affortable Access

Allow sustaina​ble & ethical brands to connect with influencers that care about
their products

Reduce Harm

Focus on sustainable products that foster positive relationship with producers
and reduce environmental issues

Lasting Relationships

Relationship first engagements, with influencers and brands that connect on shared values

Some Of Our Friends

"We couldn't be more excited about using Pinfluencer, we love everything they stand for! They share our passion for sustainability and allow us to run campaigns with influencers who fit our values perfectly"

Jasmine Arnold
Instant Swim - Recycled Plastic Swimwear

"Pinfluencer is a breath of fresh air. We took part in their pilot and were blown away at their ability to connect us with high quality, authentic influencers on a personal level. We can't wait to see them grow."

Joshua Rye
Not Today Co - Sustainable, Charitable Clothing


Eyewear and outdoors equipment made from 100% recycled fishing nets
Community brand promoting diversity, positivity and inclusivity
Sustainable Focus Food & Beverage


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