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The Platform: A Solution for Sustainable and Authentic Influencer Marketing

Tired of working with influencers who don't align with your brand's values? Want to ensure your campaigns are genuinely sustainable and free from greenwashing accusations?

As consumers become increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethical practices, brands must adapt their marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing is no exception – it’s essential to partner with influencers who genuinely care about sustainability and align with a brand’s values.

That’s where comes in – a platform that connects brands with pre-vetted, sustainable influencers.

The Importance of Sustainable Influencer Marketing

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword – it’s a necessity for brands that want to succeed in today’s market.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental and social impact of their purchasing decisions.

As such, they’re more likely to support brands that prioritise sustainability and ethical practices.

Partnering with sustainable influencers can improve a brand’s reputation and attract conscious consumers.

Greenwashing in Influencer Marketing

Greenwashing is the act of making false or exaggerated claims about a brand or a product’s sustainability – is a growing concern for the conscious consumer.

Brands that partner with influencers who promote unsustainable products or make false claims about a product’s eco-friendliness risk damaging their reputation and long-term the reputation of brands they’re working with that genuinely caring about sustainability. solves this problem through its vetting process that creates its curated marketplace of influencers prioritising sustainability and have a genuine commitment to ethical practices.'s Benefits for Marketers provides a variety of benefits for marketers. By partnering with pre-vetted, sustainable influencers, brands can improve their reputation and appeal to conscious consumers. also provides access to data and insights, allowing for more informed campaign decisions.

Additionally, the platform streamlines the influencer selection process, saving marketers time and resources.'s Selection Process’s selection process is rigorous and ensures that only the most sustainable and authentic influencers are selected for the platform.

Each influencer undergoes a comprehensive vetting process, which includes reviewing their social media content and assessing their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. also considers the influencer’s audience demographics and engagement metrics to ensure a good fit for each brand.

Sustainability and authenticity

In today’s market, sustainability and authenticity are essential for successful influencer marketing campaigns. offers a solution to the challenges faced by brands seeking to partner with influencers who genuinely care about sustainability and ethical practices.

Sign up below for the waiting list today to access the benefits of the platform when we launch and connect with pre-vetted, sustainable influencers.


Cornel Lazar

Cornel Lazar


Cornel Lazar

Cornel Lazar

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